Sunlight reflecting in a window

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (~200 words) based on a photo prompt (above) provided by Alastair Forbes. Click the pic for his site and find more stories you’ll enjoy!

A glint of light in the window caught Janice’s eye.

This late in the day, there weren’t many people out and she’d had a rhythm going between heels and sidewalk but she stumbled and put a hand against the glass.

She saw them.

The empty sidewalk wasn’t empty. It was swarming with…she couldn’t come up with any other word…monsters. She screamed and turned but only an old man and a couple were passing. They looked startled but hardly like monsters.

“Are you OK?” a man asked.

Janice looked at his face – a mixture of confusion and concern that probably matched hers. He blocked her view of the window so she peered around him. The world seemed normal but she retched. A…thing…the size of a puppy was attached to the back of his head. Four clawed feet gripped hair and flesh. Pus oozed from open sores on its back with every pump of its hips.

Janice turned and ran back in the direction she’d come from until saw the trash can. Elbows deep, she dug through wadded napkins, Kleenex, and filth until she lifted a crumpled ball of paper and smiled when she saw the large “Rx” at the top.

“Maybe we’ll get you filled after all.”



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  1. A strong story. You build the story well, the description of the monsters – the one on the man’s back particularly – are brief but vivid. You’ve chosen the right words and put them together in the right order! Great tale

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