Come Back to Me, My Love

Lava Lamp with a pinkish ooze similar to intestines

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (~200 words) based on a photo prompt (above) provided by Alastair Forbes. Click the pic for his site. Click the blue guy at the bottom to view more tales and/or add your own!

“Oh my God, Janet!” Julie screamed as she entered the room.

Charlie’s body lay sprawled across the rug. Blood oozed from a gash in his head and pooled on the floor among the broken shards of thick glass. Julie sat in the corner hugging herself against shock…keeping it at bay.


Janet rushed to her side crashing hard on her knees, “I’m here. I’m here. Are you ok?”

Julie told the story to Janet. Charlie had stopped by for lunch and a movie. They had been binge-watching “House of Cards” on Netflix and, even though it wasn’t technically a movie, they still called it that. Julie told how Charlie lunged at her. She’d been taking things slower with Charlie…slower than he liked apparently and he wanted to accelerate the pace. She broke down in tears, sobbing. I panicked and hit him with the lava lamp. She clutched her burnt hands to her chest.

“I’ll call 9-1-1,” Janet said. “I don’t think he’s dead.”

Janet looked over to see the “lava” oozing into Charlie’s ears, mouth, and nose.

“No, he’s not dead, Janet” Julie said calmly behind her. “We needed a host.”


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