Cryptic Gypsy

To Thea, giving 100% was never enough. Granted, she was raised by good parents who instilled their German work ethic into her but that had little to do with it. Thea had been given a glimpse of the future by old Miss Korzha.  Ouija or Tarot were fun at parties after some wine or schnapps but Miss Korzha’s trailer on the outskirts of town held the true secrets to love and fortune.

Thea visited Miss Korzha often throughout high school. The old gypsy woman had helped with many things and readings certainly seemed easier to interpret without her friends around.

“Ask me, dear.  You have big question, yes?” the old gypsy had asked one night.

“Will I be successful and famous?”

The answer didn’t seem cryptic at all.  The girls labored over finding an obscure interpretation but it seemed pretty straightforward.

Thea had, consequently, exhausted herself with studies and charity work.  She dropped from fatigue nearly every night but her efforts earned the title of Valedictorian as well as a full scholarship to Wharton where she, again, put forth the effort of two people and was wildly successful.  Her classmates couldn’t keep up.  Everyone vied for her attention when it came to group projects as she was known for doing the bulk of the work and the work was phenomenal.

Thea never quite felt successful, though.  She always saw her professors as placating snobs and her classmates as leeches.  This wasn’t her idea of success or fame. She felt like an academic mule…needed but not really appreciated.

Finals came and went.  It was nearly Christmas. Thea was worn out, home for the holidays, and ready for a night out with her old crew.  Boys bought them shots all night and everyone danced until their thighs ached.  Finally, the girls decided it was time to head home.  Amy, who had never left town, had the place to crash for the night.  Amy’s boyfriend got everybody home and Thea never knew a couch could feel so good. Too far gone to worry about pajamas, she slept as soon as her head hit the pillow.

At some point before dawn, Thea awoke in a fog.  A quick stumble against some walls going down the hall and her bare feet slapped on linoleum, signaling Thea had reached her destination.  Hiking up her skirt and sliding her panties down, she sat in the nick of time.  Stumbling back to the couch, she mumbled about the evils of tequila and swore they were parting ways for good.

The morning light was a dagger in Thea’s eye.  Pulling a pillow over her face she heard, “We’re over three million, ladies!”

“Three million what?” Thea whispered.

“Seven million!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Thea whispered…spent and hurting.

Amy got inches from her face and said with a grin, “You pissed all over my kitchen floor last night, dear Thea.  I’d be mad as hell but the video we took has over seven million hits on YouTube right now and it’s only been up for an hour.  We’re going viral, baby!”

The pit in her stomach brought back old Miss Korzha’s words…

You will only find fame by draining yourself” 

 *  *  *  *  *  *

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