Waiting Room

56 04 April 20th 2014

Great pains had been taken to make the waiting room as inviting and relaxing as possible.  A small waterfall in the corner was Carol’s favorite.  Besides making her have to pee every time she came, it provided her with wonderful shock-value material.  She thought the receptionist was going to throw up when Carol lapped at the falling water like a dog.  “Served her right,” she thought to herself.  “Bitch could be a little friendlier in the future.”

Unable to get comfortable, she surveyed the room for additions to the “Don’t Have an Episode” collection.  What could she touch that the bitch would have a fit about?  Spying a little sandbox in the corner, she settled next to it and picked-up the rake.

“For once, Carol, I’m not going to say anything.  The doctor encourages patients to play with that Zen Garden.  You can do whatever you want and I’ll just rake away your troubles at the end of the day,” explained the receptionist.

Carol calmly dug a little hole, reached into her Louis Vuitton, and produced a baggie which she emptied into the sand.
“Rake away Mr. Wiggles’ troubles, bitch.  I’ll wait for the doctor.”

* * * * *

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (~150 words) based on a photo prompt (above) provided by Alastair Forbes.

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