Roadside Shrine

55 04 April 13th 2014

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (~150 words) based on a photo prompt (above) provided by Alastair Forbes.
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The Porsche’s flat-six engine on a country road is my symphony.  Each downshift and flick of the throttle commands a performance superior to the batons of the finest conductors. If love exists beyond a Hallmark card, this would be it. Reveling in my control of physics I am…interrupted.

“Oh my God – look!  Stop the car!!” from the passenger seat.

I empty my lungs in a long irritated sigh and swing the Porsche onto a road adjacent to the garish roadside shrine.  She’s out in a flash.

“Car crash?”  Her manicured nails stroking a teddy bear that looked like a recent addition.

“No.  They found a woman’s body here a year ago.”


Car doors shut behind us and I turned to see a doughy man and his daughter coming towards us.  I hoped the sixteen year old was his daughter, anyway.  I slid my hands in my pockets.

“That your car?  Looks fast.  Is it fast?  We’re headed to the winery.  Where are you folks from?” If a machine gun could be reincarnated as a mouth, this slob was the benefactor.

Teeth tugged my earlobe as her arms slid around my waist.  Two muffled shots exploded from either side of me as the slob and his…girl fell to the ground.  Rubbing a hot barrel against my crotch she whispers, “Now, about that winery?  I want to play.”

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