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Rose woke-up in the barn with me licking her face.  She wasn’t in the barn for punishment.  No, she’s been sleeping here for the past few nights with her beautiful, smart, faithful, and witty Golden Retriever, Chloe, and a new baby horse, Priscilla.  I’m Chloe, by the way.  Anyway, Priscilla got here a week ago and just in time for the party.  There were lots of people here.  I got a bath.  I hate baths.  Do you know how long it takes me to get my smell just right?  Do you?  Well, Rose got pretty close to fire while everyone was singing…badly.  I was scared at first but she blew-out the fire and we all got to eat cake.  Yes, we ALL got to eat cake.  They kept saying she was twelve but she seems more like eighty or so to me.

How did we get a horse?  Rose heard the lady on TV talking about a horse farm that was in trouble. She cried every time they showed pictures of the horses.  I don’t know how they got them inside the TV but they sure were skinny.  Maybe that helped?  I comforted her when she cried.
Did I use that to get an extra G-O-O-D-I-E sometimes?  Yes and I’m not proud of it.  One day, we had a skinny silvery-white horse in the barn.  We love this horse but there’s something strange about it.  She’s not talking to me so I’ll just keep an eye on her.

Two years later

Well we just had another party and there was lots of singing (still horrible) and cake.  I still really like cake.  Priscilla has finally realized what a big deal I am around here. She also has a knot on her head. I gave her a hard time about at first but I think she’s self-conscious now.  She keeps rubbing it against the wall while Rose is gone during the day.  Where does that little girl go?

One year later

Rose is now, by my calculation, a little over one hundred years old.  She keeps saying fifteen but – whatever.  The doctor came a few weeks ago about that bump.  It’s getting bigger.  I said her dad was probably a goat.  Nobody laughed.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I guess I wouldn’t like it if my dad was a goat, though.  Tonight, Rose sleeps with us!  Me and the goat-horse can’t wait.

I passed-out with my head in Rose’s lap like I usually do.  She had her head on Priscilla’s belly.  We snored in unison…until. I opened an eye when I heard someone walking outside and I smelled something familiar.  It smelled like her dad was going hunting but I didn’t smell her dad.  The barn door creaked open and I saw two men.  They didn’t smell like anyone I knew so I growled. Rose woke up along with Priscilla.  One of them said something and raised a gun towards Priscilla!  I ran at him as fast as this old dog could go.  Now I’m not slow but Priscilla passed me and hit the man with…a horn?  Well that stopped me in my tracks.  She had a horn longer than my tail!  I shook it off and bit the other guy on the leg while he tried to run.  The first guy, the one Priscilla hit, had dragged himself behind a barrel.  I could smell fear…it also smelled like someone needed smacked with the newspaper!

Rose’s dad took Priscilla away from the barn before the police showed-up.  I tried chatting-up their dog but she wasn’t having it – bitch.  Priscilla eventually learned how to hide her horn with magic.  I always regretted the goat-horse comments but there wasn’t much to say.  She didn’t seem like it bothered her so I didn’t bring it up anymore.

I always knew Rose was special but I was starting to wonder if there was more to this girl than I thought.

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    • It would be interesting. Was fun to write from the dog’s perspective but had to keep in mind that she didn’t know what a birthday party was…or where Rose went during the day. I recommend writing from a pet’s perspective!

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