Predatory Looker

Every Wednesday night, the coffee shop had a jazz trio as a means of enticing new customers who might be shopping on Main Street and rewarding the regulars who had been frequenting the shop for years.  Tonight, as every other Wednesday night, Jack and Marcy sat on a love seat in the corner soaking-up the sounds.

“Smells like they have a new blend brewing tonight,” Jack said with his nose in the air.

“You would know,” Marcy replied.  Marcy was always astounded by Jack’s sense of smell.  You could hold-up the most obscure item in front of him and he could tell you what it was simply from its scent.

Marcy went to the counter to pick-up their coffees when she saw them hit the counter.  “I’ll be right back,” she said and patted Jack on the leg.  Jack continued to move his head gently to the jazz and nodded to Marcy.  At the counter, Marcy encountered four mugs of coffee, not two.  “Oh crap. Hey Sam, which are mine?” she called to the barista.

A hand slid around Marcy to grab two mugs.  “Excuse me, these are mine.  Sorry for the reach.”  Marcy turned quickly to let this mystery customer know she didn’t appreciate his rudeness and that he could have given her a second to get out of the way.  When she turned, a head of dark curls, a set of blue eyes, and a square jaw made her forget exactly why she had turned so abruptly.

“I…um…excuse me,” she stumbled.

“Forgive me.  I always get flustered and act like an idiot when I’m out with my sister. She’s so bossy. My name’s Bill.”  He had retracted his hand from around Marcy and was now extending it in peace.

“Hi, I’m Bill…oh, I’m mean…YOU’RE Bill.  I’m Marcy.  I drink coffee here.  Hi.” Marcy felt her cheeks getting warm and it wasn’t from the coffee.

“Well, hi Marcy.  It’s nice to meet you.  I see you have two mugs.  You either really like coffee or…”

“Oh, I’m with Jack over there,” she said pointing to the love seat where Jack sat swaying his head to the music.  Bill threw-up a casual wave in Jack’s direction.

“Oh, that’s sweet but don’t bother. Jack’s blind,” Marcy offered.

Now it was Bill’s face that felt warm.  “So I’m basically standing here chatting-up the girlfriend of blind man and he’s right over there.  Wow, you must think I’m a real asshole now, huh?”

“No silly, Jack’s not my boyfriend.  We’re friends.  We met here at this coffee house.  My father was blind so it’s not anything new to me.  Jack and I meet here each week for coffee and music.  Jazz is only on Wednesdays but they serve coffee here other nights too.  Maybe I’ll run into you.”

“I live close by.  Maybe I’ll see you here on a Thursday sometime.”

Marcy returned to the love seat and sat next to Jack placing the mug in his open hands.

“Run into a friend?” Jack asked. “I thought I heard you chatting.”

“They had our drink orders confused at the counter so we had to get it sorted-out.  No problem.  How’s your coffee?”

The trio played into the evening.  Each song was as tight as the last.  As the night wore-on, Marcy and Jack decided it was late enough and they should be heading home.  Marcy noticed Bill had left earlier.

Jack knew Marcy’s earlier chat at the counter was less about coffee and more about things that didn’t involve Jack.  He had been wrestling with a way to tell Marcy how he really felt about her.

Stepping out of the coffee shop, Jack held the door for Marcy and waited for her.  Marcy never saw the skateboarder…or Jack’s arm pushing the kid down and away from Marcy before he could hit her.

“What the hell, old man?” the kid yelled from the ground.

Jack briefly made eye contact with the kid in a way that only said, “Don’t screw with me!” before sliding his dark glasses back up to shield his eyes.

“This man is blind and you almost ran over him!” Marcy yelled at the kid after surveying the situation.  “Are you alright, Jack?”

“I’ll be OK.  Would you mind walking me home Marcy?”


Inspired by the Promted fun over at TipsyLIT – You should really check them out!

This week’s prompt: you must reveal something unknown about your character’s personality through his or her reaction to a deadly secret
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    • Thank you! I made an agreement with a friend of mine that I would turn this into something more. I don’t want to use the n-word (not there yet) but definitely a book of indeterminate (at this time) length.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you want more because this is the story I’m trying to convert to a full-blown story. I have most of the turns worked-out in my head…I really need to jot those down somewhere 😉

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