Wasted Day

Sunday Photo Fictioner - March 9th 2014

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (c. 150 words) based on a photo prompt (above) provided by Alastair.

The calm peaceful water was not calming for Jacob. He sat next to his brother, Zeke, just behind some foliage at the edge of the pond. Another wasted day was in store for Jacob.

“Why are we here again?” Jacob asked.

“We’re river pirates, Jacob. Dontcha wanna be rich?” came the reply.

“This here’s a pond, Zeke. This ain’t no river.”

“It’s water ain’t it? Miss Jenkins read us that book ‘bout that Mark Twain feller. Riverboats, Jacob. Riverboats!” Zeke pleaded wide-eyed with his brother.

“Dammit, Zeke. I can see all the banks of this pond from here. There ain’t no river traffic. There ain’t no Riverboats. THIS AIN’T NO RIVER!!” Jacob was yelling by the end while Zeke looked at him like he was the idiot. “We might as well go home and stake-out Mama’s warshtub.”

“Can’t go home Jacob. Ain’t no home no more. Mama’s dead. We’re river pirates and river pirates ain’t got no need for family. You wanna watch to the left or you want the right?” Zeke asked calmly.

Jacob looked out over the calm peaceful water with fresh eyes. “Mama’s dead?” he thought to himself. “Maybe this day wasn’t wasted after all.”

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