Courage on the Hill

48 02 February 23rd 2014

copyright Al Forbes

Billy climbed the hill behind old man Schneider’s house.  Cathy was behind him and keeping-up pretty well since Billy told her to wear sneakers.  Her heels would have been useless tonight.  Billy could climb this hill in total darkness if he had to.  He’d been climbing it with his grandma since he was little and knew the easiest way to get Cathy to the top.

The hill was Billy’s sanctuary.  Nobody knew about it.  He slept here for three nights when grandma died.  Again when Cathy broke-up with him to start dating Alex and once more when he’d heard she said, “Yes” to Alex’s proposal.  It was on this hill, one night, where Billy hatched his plan to keep Cathy forever.  She had reluctantly agreed to come out tonight.

They got to the top and were bathed in beautiful moonlight.  Billy walked over to the edge where it fell sharply into a ravine.  “The view is best from here” he beckoned.

Cathy stood at the edge in amazement of the moon.  Billy stepped behind her.

“Cathy” he whispered.

Cathy turned and her mouth fell open.  She had never seen his grandmother’s ring before, but it was beautiful.

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    • Thanks! I killed my last character (Prankster Jimmy (see sidebar – please)). This one got to live 😀

      Who’s to say what would have happened in another 100 words to so though…

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